Ryan’s Trick for Perfect Looking Meatballs

image (37)As you know from my previous post on french onion soup, I have a problem with my food overflowing and dripping on to the bottom of the oven. My oven is still smoking from that soup no matter how hard I try to clean up that crud! I used to have that problem too when making juicy baked meatballs. We don’t have a rimmed baking pan so when making meatballs Ryan and I ended up with burning juices on the bottom of the pan. That was until, Ryan came up with his trick that makes perfectly shaped, moist, and drip-free meatballs. Seriously, your oven will be clean and your meatballs will be dinner party worthy!

The secret… a mini muffin pan!

It may sound silly, but I’m serious! When using the mini muffin pan, the juices stay trapped and that leads to super moist meatballs. And, the shape is pretty perfect.  It’s like making tiny meat loafs. Now, if you do over fill each pocket you will end up with muffin shaped meatballs. Or meat muffins? That sounds weird. Anyway, it’s sort of funny to see.

So, make meatballs according to your favorite recipe. We like to use the ingredients and prep for my teriyaki turkey burgers. In addition to those ingredients I’ve also been adding a 1/4 tsp of ground ginger and a sprinkling of chopped parsley. Anyway, mix the ingredients for the turkey burgers. Preheat your oven to 350°. Using your hands grab about 2 tbsps of meat and shape a rough ball. Plop it into a space into the muffin pan. Repeat until you’re out of the meat mixture. Cook for 12 minutes, or until internal temperature is 165°.

Prepared turkey meat arranged in the muffin pan

Prepared turkey meat arranged in the muffin pan

Once cooked, I find the meatballs pop out easily with a fork. You could try greasing the pan too. I always do that for regular meatloaf, but haven’t tried it with this. Anyway this may sound like a weird and silly trick, but aren’t those the best kinds of cooking advice? What’s your weird cooking trick?

Cooked turkey meat

Cooked turkey meat ready to eat!


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