Piña Colada

noviceDo you ever daydream about being on the beach in the Caribbean, stretched out in a beach chair, soaking up the sun, and sipping on a frozen cocktail?

I do. Especially, when I’m slogging around during the DC area’s hot and humid summers. If it’s going to be uncomfortably hot, I want to be on the beach and be able to jump into the water. But, I can’t just fly off to the Caribbean so sometimes the next best thing is to go to the pool. My apartment building’s pool is on the roof and has a great view of downtown DC, so it provides its own brand of luxurious relaxation.

On a recent Friday, my friend and I were going to be off of work in the early afternoon and we had our hearts set relaxing by the pool. It was a hot and sunny morning, but no sooner did we get back to the apartment and change into our swimsuits that it started to rain. And not a little polite sprinkling that might pass quickly. It was a heavy rain, sheets of rain, buckets of rain – and also thunder and lightning. So there would be no sunshine, no pool, no Caribbean beach – but by golly, there could still be frozen cocktails!

My relaxing beach-inspired Friday was not to be ruined by a little rain. To make it feel like we were at the beach, I even stepped it up a notch and put the piña colada in a hollowed out pineapple. You need to have a special tool for this. If it’s possible to clean out a pineapple with just a knife, I don’t know how to do it.

Now, the pineapple slicer is one of those kitchen gadgets that you see in stores and think WHO NEEDS THIS?! That’s what I think when I see the strawberry huller or avocado slicer. Isn’t that what knives are for? Why can’t people just cut things? But this pineapple slicer is awesome.

Before I had it, I thought, “how often do I even buy a pineapple?” And the answer was almost never because it costs like $7 to get 12 cubes of pre-cut pineapple and $4 for a fresh pineapple. And that $4 pineapple also comes with the fear of cutting off my fingers and hacking at the fruit so badly that it comes out as mush. But, once I got the slicer it made pineapples so easy. Now, I worry it’s a slippery slope that soon I’ll be buying the banana slicer and mango pitter, but so far it’s just the pineapple slicer. So let me show you how it works and then we’ll get to the piña colada recipe.

Cut the top of the pineapple off.


Align the serrated circle at the bottom with the core of the pineapple.


Press down gentle to secure the slicer in the pineapple. Twist the top handle. Keep twisting until you’ve reached the bottom of the pineapple. You can feel it when the blade is getting toward the bottom and you can see when you’ve twisted far enough.


Pull the handle up firmly.

Now you have a beautiful spiral of pineapple and a hollowed out shell.


Awesome right? It’s like opening a bottle of wine, only it’s a pineapple. If you’re going to use the shell for a glass you can get a knife in there and cut out the core, but that’s optional. Now let’s get on with the recipe. Don’t get too caught up on exact measurements with this one because it’s really all about taste. This recipe serves about 4 people.


Contents of 1 pineapple

1 cup coconut cream

1 cup coconut milk

¾-1 cup rum

Ice (as much or as little as you like)

Pineapple juice (I just added the juice from the fresh pineapple, but you can definitely add more)


  1. Cut the pineapple into pieces that are manageable for your blender
  2. Add pineapple, coconut cream, coconut milk, rum, and ice. Blend until smooth
  3. Taste. Add more of any ingredients until the taste is to your liking.
  4. Pour into glass or hollowed out pineapple. Serve with straw – extra points if you have a curly straw or paper umbrella.image_5

Enjoy! This week I actually am at the beach (in New Jersey – not the Caribbean) so I won’t be posting. Hope you have a great week, I’ll be back after a week in the sun.

1 spoonMessy level: Low! Everything gets poured into one place. If you use a pineapple as your glass you don’t have to do any dishes!


2 thoughts on “Piña Colada

  1. I never knew such a thing (pineapple slicer) existed!

    You have changed my life, cooking is messy.

    As for the pina coladas, it never hurts to top off with a squirt of whipped cream and a sprinkle of toasted shredded coconut. 🙂


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