New Kitchen!

Ryan and I are not homeless. Now reader, you may not have been worried about this. We were. His company gave us three weeks of paid housing. I arrived at the start of week two. On my second or third day in London, we put an offer on an apartment. We were out bid. This led to some frantic online searching, which led to a day spent looking at apartments. We put in another offer, and blessedly, it was accepted. But, this led to lots of paperwork and reference checking, and fear that it wouldn’t all come through in time. Thankfully, everyone who needed to help us out (and some people who didn’t have to, but did) were incredibly kind and we got everything done last Friday, in time to get the keys on Saturday. All of this before our housing ran out on Monday (today). If everything hadn’t come in on Friday, we might have been in trouble. 

But it all worked out and now, we have a place in London! It’s a very small place, so if you ever visit don’t say anything about it. I’m sensitive and it will hurt my feelings. Instead, compliment how gorgeous  and swanky this apartment is! The bathroom is just lovely and looks like a hotel. It even has a heated towel rack. Or compliment the dark floors and the large window. And, yes, I’m posting mundane pictures of my aparment.

photo 3But, you could also compliment our beautiful kitchen, which is the new home of cooking is messy. This kitchen is so sleek and pretty. There’s a dishwasher, which is rare to find based on my searching. It has lots of cabinet space (for city kitchens in London, Arlington, VA, and New York City). And it has a wine fridge. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with that, because I know nothing about wine, but I’m totally excited about it. There is also a beautiful stove. I’ve had the electric coils for so long. You know those coils, that ones that are always askew and food gets stuck underneath, and they are nasty to clean. This stove is smooth, and computerized, and amazing. This kitchen makes me feel like a grown up.

photo 4So what should be my first blog-worthy recipe that I cook? I  have a British cookbook that I brought with me from home. Also, Ryan and I had our first full English breakfast this weekend. It was hearty and yummy. We’re thinking of recreating it at home this weekend. But I’m definitely open to other ideas too!


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