Boden’s Birthday Cake

Today’s post is special because it is one cake recipe done two ways. The first way is a traditional Victoria Sandwich cake and the second way is a checkerboard cake with chocolate frosting that I made to celebrate the birth of my nephew. That’s right, I have a nephew!

On Saturday night Aaron and Katy (Ryan’s twin brother and his wife) emailed they were going to the hospital. I was jumping up and down in the street with excitement. Then Sunday Ryan and I woke up with an email and a photo of their son Boden! It’s their first kid, and our first nephew. We are an uncle and aunt for the first time!

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Popeye Muffins

DSCN2292I have three things to say about these crazy delicious green muffins.

First,  if there is a way I can put more vegetables in my food, I will do it. I know people who are anti-hiding vegetable – but not me. I’m always trying to find a way to get more veggies in my diet. I like green smoothies and these zucchini chocolate chip cookies from Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and I like today’s muffins. When I saw a picture called “spinach Popeye muffins” on Pinterest, I knew it was something I had to try. I mean, make me strong like Popeye and they taste good? Yes please. Try not to be put off by the green muffins. They are fun looking and taste like banana bread.  Continue reading

Confetti Cookies

I feel a little guilty that it’s been over a week since I’ve posted, but the truth is I haven’t been cooking much. Since I’ve been back I’ve gone out, I’ve had pb&j, grilled cheese, and teriyaki chickpeas. Ryan, on the other hand, has been killing it. He sent me beautiful pictures of the ingredients for pasta, homemade tomato sauce, and cheesy garlic bread. Cheesy garlic bread! I wanted it. It looked gooey and buttery and amazing. Also, he is having great adventures. He recently went to Greenwich and saw the Naval Museum and Royal Observatory. The pictures are impressive – check them out below. Gorgeous architecture, amazing painted ceilings, and beautiful scenery!

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Lemon Rosemary Olive Oil Cake

I first thought about this kind of cake a few weeks ago. Ryan and I were having breakfast at Bloomsbury Coffee House, which is a charming restaurant. Although the place has a basement location, it still feels bright, welcoming, and cozy. There was a window box bursting with a gorgeous herb garden, worn wooden tables, and a delicious looking menu. Being a sucker for all sorts of lemon desserts, the lemon rosemary cake caught my eye. But I ordered the English breakfast, and promised myself to get a slice for the road. When I finished, I was too full and forgot about the cake.  Continue reading

Sugar Cookies & Vacation Recap

Last week I was in Stone Harbor, NJ. Ryan’s family has been going with four other families, every year, for over a decade. It’s pretty flipping amazing and awesome. All week there is so much laughing and handing out. And even though we don’t always see everyone a ton during the year, that week at the beach it’s like time hasn’t passed. It was a blast to sit on the beach, splash around in the water, and just hang out. And of course, there’s lots of good eating.

We started out the week by cooking for our family. Ryan and I made pasta with shrimp and scallops in a white wine sauce. Sounds delicious right? And luckily our family is super nice, and told us that it was delicious. But, in our opinion it was mediocre. Cooking in a rental kitchen is hard folks! It took half an hour to boil water for pasta, we had to chop with a steak knife, and we set off the fire alarm. Everything tasted fine, it just didn’t come out exactly right and so we were disappointed. But after that comic disaster our meals greatly improved. If you’re ever in Stone Harbor here are my recommendations for some places to eat. Continue reading