Amazing Corn Chowder

soup and breadI’ve had a bag of frozen corn in my tiny freezer for two months. This is unacceptable because the freezer is tiny and if it is full of corn, there isn’t any room for ice cream. I have my priorities.

I bought the corn when I made barley succotash and I’ve had the leftover bag ever since. When I need to add a vegetable for dinner, I often tell myself I’ll just heat up the corn, but I never do. I like corn on the cob, corn bread, and corn in things. But plain corn on the side isn’t very interesting to me and so the bag languished in the freezer.  Continue reading


Southwestern Quinoa Salad

noviceI have an ever-growing collection of wish-list recipes. I am constantly pinning recipes on Pinterest and ripping things out of Food & Wine magazine. I collect things that I think have lots of vegetables, that have a holiday theme, or that include my current ingredient obsession. There’s so much good stuff, but I think I only cook about 20% of what I collect. So, I’ve decided to make an effort and once a week attempt something from my vast collection.

I chose this recipe because it has some vegetables, good spice flavor, and ingredients already in my pantry. It’s an easy to make and very filling vegetarian dish. Also, this recipe makes a lot of servings. I’ve been eating it for lunch and breakfast for almost a week – which is fine because it’s tasty. Finally, it’s good both warm and cold so it’s a perfect on-the-go meal. Try it out, it’s yummy. Continue reading

Chorizo Mac & Cheese

DSCN0637Plain old pasta topped with butter and Parmesan cheese is one of my favorite things to eat. Is that embarrassing because it’s so simple? Maybe.  But, pasta and cheese make me a happy girl. 

So, I was elated when my friend Lisa bought me the wonderful cookbook Melt for Christmas. It’s a cookbook entirely about macaroni and cheese recipes. Cheese? Pasta? TOGETHER!?! Let me step up my pasta game.  Continue reading

Spicy Carrot & Beef Tagine

IMG_1916Thank you to everyone who submitted to the first-ever cooking is messy giveaway. Congratulations go to Meg, and her comment about Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma! That is a really great book, and one any food-lover should consider. So this weekend, I will be sending Meg her copy of Jacques Pepin’s Essential Pepin.  Before moving to the recipe, let me tell you just a bit about Meg. She is incredibly well-read and knowledgeable about books.  Her blog, A Bookish Affair, has great reviews of all kinds of books (my favorite are the ones on historical fiction). And, she posts all the time! Seriously, many times a week. I’m always impressed by how often there is a new post. You all should check her out! Continue reading

Beet Dip

photo (14)Beets are one of my favorite vegetables. They are sweet, colorful, and tasty. Usually, I’m perfectly happy roasting them and eating them warm out of the oven or cool over salads. But this time, I wanted to try something different. You know, variety is the spice of life and all. I’ve been thinking of borscht, and I’ve even bugged two of my friends for recipes, but I’m intimidated to make a stew I’ve never even eaten before. One day I’m going to make it, but I’m not ready yet.

Then, when I found a recipe for this beet dip I was really excited.  I think dip is wonderful because it’s a great excuse to eat crackers, bread, and cheese. Most importantly, this dip is easy to make and it is pretty. This recipe is just like hummus, only instead of chickpeas it has beets. I was excited for some new twists on old favorites. I served it when my friend Emily and her boyfriend Matt came over and it went over really well. It has the nice, sweet, earthy flavor of beets and the lemon juice gives it a nice bright, citrus flavor. It went even faster than the regular hummus!

Adapted from Food 52. Continue reading