Raspberry Honeycomb Ice Cream Pie

DSCN1961Recently I bought delicious and BBC Good Food, two UK based food magazines. I thought it would be nice to have some recipes and not have to constantly search for conversion. My oven is in Celsius and everything I buy in the grocery store comes in milliliters or grams. But I’m used to Fahrenheit and ounces and tablespoons. So, I pulled out tons of recipes and the first one I chose to make doesn’t really require too much conversion anyway. Continue reading


Strawberry Ice Cream

I love strawberries! Especially farmer’s market strawberries. Farmer’s market strawberries may cost more and aren’t around all year but they are worth it! They are beautiful, juicy, and when they finally arrive it’s like Christmas. In the winter the farmer’s market has mostly root vegetables. The spring leads to more green vegetables and early fruits. And then the warm summer months come and the berries arrive! It’s so exciting when they are finally there that I buy as much as I can carry. Yes, you can buy strawberries at the grocery store any time of year – but they don’t taste like anything. The anticipation, the beautiful redness, and the juicy explosion of taste makes it hard to go back to grocery store strawberries in December. Continue reading