London Food Myth Buster (Or things I found at the grocery store)

Now that Ryan and I have gotten more of the basics settled, we’ve had time to wander about and explore what’s going on in London. On Friday we walked over to Trafalgar Square, Houses of Parliament, and the London Eye. Did you know that in Trafalgar Square there’s a statue of George Washington? I read that Washington said he wouldn’t set foot on English soil so his statue is placed on soil imported from Virginia. Interesting, fact right? Anyway, I tried to take a picture but it was dark so it came out badly.

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Baked Rigatoni

photo 5If your Thanksgiving was anything like mine, you might still be feeling stuffed even a few days later. Ryan and I had three Thanksgiving dinners: one with my college friends, one with my family, and one with his family. On Thanksgiving day during dinner with my family, I told them baked rigatoni was my next intended blog post, but then after all the eating I felt wary. Would anyone be interested in such a hearty dish right after Thanksgiving?

But I thought about it and said, why not?! Let’s lean into the holiday season of hearty foods, decadent meals, and rich desserts. Now, don’t get crazy and give up your exercise routine, but let’s wait until January 2nd to worry about our meals. So here’s a great meal that will make you feel cozy on a cold day, that’s great to serve to holiday house guests, and will provide you with workday lunches you’ll eagerly gobble up. Continue reading