Amazing Corn Chowder

soup and breadI’ve had a bag of frozen corn in my tiny freezer for two months. This is unacceptable because the freezer is tiny and if it is full of corn, there isn’t any room for ice cream. I have my priorities.

I bought the corn when I made barley succotash and I’ve had the leftover bag ever since. When I need to add a vegetable for dinner, I often tell myself I’ll just heat up the corn, but I never do. I like corn on the cob, corn bread, and corn in things. But plain corn on the side isn’t very interesting to me and so the bag languished in the freezer.  Continue reading


Shepherd’s Pie

DSCN0407I don’t know how to be suave, so I’ll just blurt it out. Ryan and I are moving to London. Soon. As in, the beginning of March. Well, truly the timing is a bit wonky, but the important fact is we’re moving to London.

Basically, Ryan’s job gave him a promotion and a transfer to their London office. Exciting right?! I’ll be honest, I’ve felt a ton of emotions about all of this. Excitement, over living in a new city and seeing new sights! Fear, of starting somewhere new. Stress, over all the logistics of moving. Proud, of Ryan’s great accomplishment. Sadness, over leaving my wonderful job and moving away from family and friends. And happiness, that Ryan and I are able to take on this wonderful adventure and live abroad, which is something we have both dreamed about. Continue reading

Soup au Pistou

DSCN0394For Three Kings Day one of my presents was a DVD with six episodes of Julia Child’s TV show the French Chef. I was very excited because although I’ve read about her, seen clips and SNL skits, visited her kitchen at the Smithsonian, and watched Julie and Julia, I had never actually seen her cook. The DVD is in black and white so it’s hard to excited about how the food looks, but she is just lovely. She was the perfect balance between authoritative (where I trust her) and casual (where I feel like I can do it too). Continue reading

Roasted Tilapia with Potatoes and Lemons

It’s farm share season!!! Ryan and I have gotten vegetables for three weeks, and it’s lead to lots of leafy salads and stir fry. In addition to lots of greens we have also gotten lots of small, delicious, buttery potatoes which I used for this recipe. The recipe is pretty quick and easy to make. The most work you have to do for this recipe is chop. I was excited because I could also use my mandoline slicer on the lemon. It’s totally nerdy, but I think it’s fun to slice things all skinny and even. BUT, be careful because I cut myself cleaning it (again, cooking is messy!) Continue reading