Tourist Tuesday: Rome

DSCN2678I don’t know how to start this post other than to gush. I love Rome. Being there makes me so happy. Yesterday was Ryan and my two-year wedding anniversary and we celebrated with a long weekend in Rome. It was wonderful. Yes, the traditional gift for this anniversary is cotton (in Rome he got a sweatshirt and I got a tea towel), but I think maybe the second year anniversary gift should be pizza and gelato instead.

Part of the reason I love Rome is that I studied abroad there seven years ago during my junior year. Living in Rome was the first time I was away from home for so long and the first time I lived in a city. I ate so much pizza, pasta, and gelato. My roommates and I also cooked dinner together almost every night and befriended the local shop owners. We’d buy the fresh pesto and the guys in the store would give us free chocolate. My roommate Inga became one of my best friends, and with our upstairs neighbors Charlie and Michelle, we tore up the city. Continue reading


Chicken & Vegetable Stir Fry with Rice

IMG_0053Moving to another country has its ups and downs. There are things that if they happened at home would be small victories or minor setbacks, but because we’re in a new place everything seems amplified. Let me tell you about some of it.

On Tuesday, Ryan and I had an appointment to set up a bank account. We arrive at the bank and the person we were supposed to meet was out sick. Also, part of the ceiling had collapsed so things were a mess. We had to reschedule. Sigh. Continue reading

I’m in London!

photo 1Yesterday morning I left for London!  I woke up crazy early, both because I was nervous and because I had to get to the airport. My great friend Josh took me to the airport and it was so nice to have someone to chat with on the way. The flight was fairly uneventful. They served us two meals. The first was nondescript, but the second was chips, m&m’s and a cheeseburger! A cheeseburger! It made me laugh. Was this my last American meal?  Continue reading