Plum Fruit Leather

DSCN2588I’ve gotten into a show called Sweets Made Simple on BBC Two. It’s a show where a quirky married couple makes candy. I want to make everything on that show. Boozy chocolates, rose flavored turkish delight, salted caramel! They recently made fruit leather and I was so excited. I love fruit leather.

Fruit leather also makes me feel a little nostalgic for back to school and my colleagues at Live It Learn It who are back in the US. My coworker Erica and I were a little crazy for fruit leather at the end of last school year. It was our snack of choice during the many meetings we were having. She’d have a big stash in her backpack and I’d peak through and pull out my favorite flavors. Snacks are always a nice way to pep up the workday.  Continue reading


Teriyaki Chickpeas and Rice

noviceThis recipe might be the easiest and cheapest recipe I’ve ever posted. There are a couple of “flair” ingredients in the recipe, but it would be good if all you had was a bag of rice, can of chickpeas, and bottle of teriyaki sauce. Those ingredients don’t cost much and you might already have them in the pantry. What could be simpler?

Also, I think this is a great meal to make if you’re only cooking for yourself. Is that a weird thing to say, that this is a good dish for just one person? Maybe. But, when I lived alone I was always looking for recipes that didn’t make a billion servings. I didn’t like cooking that much then because I’d make one recipe and have to eat the dish for lunch and dinner for the next 4 days. But this dish, is perfect for 2-3 meals. It’s perfect if you want to whip up something quick, small, and tasty. Continue reading

Pad Thai Inspired Noodles

When I lived in New York my friend Emily and I would have date night and cook vegetarian dinners. Prior to cooking with Emily, I really had no idea what a vegetarian dinner looked like. I thought maybe, salad? But that can’t be dinner all the time. Anyway we got to be pretty good that one day I got MORE ambitious and while browsing in a bookstore I bought a vegan cookbook. I’ll be honest, veganism seems foreign and impossible to me. I love, love, love cheese.

But this recipe is awesome. Continue reading